Best Premier League Stadiums

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When placing a bet, every detail counts. One of the things many gamblers consider when placing their bets is whether a team is playing at home or away. How do you know when a team is playing at home when you don’t even know the name of the stadium?

In this article, we will try to enlighten you on the most common and well-known Premier League stadiums. In the Premier League, every club, however small, must have an arena. Most supporters are only aware of the big stadiums ignoring the small ones.

Old Trafford

Old Trafford, also known as the Theater of Dreams, is the home for Manchester United club. It surpasses other Premier League arenas capacities by far. It is located in Greater Manchester in England.

It takes the second position after Wembley for being the largest arena in England. It has hosted several matches including FA semi-finals, the 2003 Champions league, the 2012 Olympic football, and the Rugby Leagues’ World Cup. The standing record attendance of Old Trafford was at 76,962 during a match played between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Grimsby Town in 1939.

Etihad Stadium

The Etihad Stadium is home to Manchester City football club. In the Premier League, it holds the sixth position in terms of size. It was originally built to host the commonwealth games. It was built by Laing construction and designed by Arupsport.

The arena has hosted various events including UEFA cup finals in 2008, Rugby League matches, England football internationals as well as a boxing fight. The design of the arena has received praise and accolades. The record attendance of Etihad Stadium stands at 54,693 during a match between Manchester City and Leicester City in 2016.


Liverpool has taken pride in its large stadium called Anfield. It is about 110 yards by 74 yards in size. It has an attendance capacity of 54,074. That is large enough to spot a place on our list of most important stadiums in England. It takes the seventh position in England in terms of size.

However, Anfield was home to Everton F.C. before they moved to their current arena. There are four stands, namely, the main stand, the Spion Kop, The Anfield Road End, and Sir Kenny Dalglish stand.

King Power Stadium

King Power is home to Leicester City Football club. It can hold up to 32,313 spectators during a match. When compared with other stadiums in England, it takes the 20th position. The name King Power originates from a travel retail group, King Power, owned by the club’s owners. It was formerly known as Walkers Stadium back in 2002 to 2011.

In terms of its size, it measures 115 by 74 yards. The record attendance is at 32,488 when Leicester Tigers played against Bath Rugby for the Heineken Cup in April 2006. It was officially opened by Gary Lineker, a former Leicester striker.

Stamford Bridge

stamford bridge

Stamford Bridge is the home arena of the Chelsea football club. It has a capacity of 41,832. It is ranked the ninth-largest in the Premier League. It has hosted various events including the Charity Shield games, the FA Cup semi-finals and finals, cricket, speedway, American Football, and Baseball among others.

It records the highest attendance of 82,905 during a match between Chelsea and Arsenal in October 1935. It is located in Fulham, England. It measures 112.6 by 73.8 yards in size. The arena has four stands with at least two tiers.

Emirates Stadium

Emirates is the home arena of the Arsenal Football Club. It is located in Holloway, England. It is the fourth largest in England with a capacity of 60,704. It has hosted music concerts and international matches. It is owned and operated by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment. It has 152 executive suites.

The stadiums’ record attendance stands at 60,161 during a match between Arsenal and Manchester United in November 2007. The field’s size measures 105 by 68 meters. It was opened back in July 2006 after undergoing construction costing 390 million euros. It underwent a process of Arsenalization in 2009.

Premier League stadiums – Conclusion

The above list has only featured a few of the many stadiums available in England. They play a critical role in the match results of the home team. For any serious gambler or football support, it is important to be aware of the arenas available in the premium league.

If you need more information about the other stadiums, you may consider scouring the internet for more results. Knowing your clubs’ home arena is the first step to winning a bet. For those who had little knowledge of the same, this article has been helpful.


What is the biggest football stadium in the Premier League?

Old Trafford is the biggest with a capacity of 74 879 people.

Which stadium is the most beautiful in England?

This is definitely up to each and every person. However, there are some favorites among the viewers, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, and Emirates Stadium.

What is the capacity of Premier League stadiums?

This is the capacity of the top three:
1. Old Trafford: 74 879
2. Tottenham Hotspur: 62 062
3. Emirates: 60 260