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You can find any of the English PL fixtures and results here. Along with new and up-and-coming players to look out for. Whether you’re the world’s biggest football fan or just looking to keep up with your team, you can count on TopFan. If you’re an active sport bettor, you’ll be happy to see just how easy it is to keep up to date with team statistics and results as well. 

English football fans can find anything you need to know regarding your favorite teams. Whether it’s the latest in football transfer windows or new footballers to keep an eye out for, we’ve got it all. You don’t need to source a million sites to get fixture timetables, results, or the current leader tables, it’s all in one. If you want to try your luck, visit this site for really good Online Casino Advisers. There you will find all you need to know on how and where to place your bets.

From scandals to injuries, club transfers, and more, TopFan will keep you on top form with the latest in the football world. Read below to see what’s in store.

Best Football Player News

leonel messi

If it seems like the newcomers to the football scene are getting younger and younger, they just might be! Meet the up and coming best new talent here as well. 

There are always new, up-and-coming young footballers stepping into the limelight. We’ll make sure you know who to watch for the future of English soccer. There’s been a growing trend in the soccer world, to give its youngsters a chance. 

Soccer Academy graduates are being brought onto the pitch every year, proving that if you’re good enough, that’s enough. New names to add to your watch list appear every season, every year, including youngsters who have been worth watching time and again, like Arsenal’s 19-year-old Spaniard Hector Bellerin. You can see which young players have signed where and what to expect from them in seasons to come.  

Here are some of our top football guides regarding players and managers:

You can also be on the lookout for those footballers performing the best over the duration of the season. Top goal scorers and players with statistics worth watching will all be available for you. 

You can even apply your soccer insight into the world of sports betting if that’s something that interests you. You can also draft the perfect fantasy soccer team from your predictions.

Top Bookmakers

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Football Team News

All your team news can also be found here. Whether it’s upcoming fixtures or new players, you can read all about it on TopFan. Club signings, as well as potential and tipped transfer news, are important to follow every season.

If your team is losing its manager, you’ll find out in your team news here. New contracts or players leaving will all be crucial information to stay on top with your favorite team. Match postponement and fixture information will also be found here. 

Fixtures, Tables, and Results

Keep up to date with when your favorite teams are playing and against who. You can also view all the latest results, as it’s updated in real-time from the latest fixtures. 

If you’re looking to see how your team is doing in comparison to the rest of the league, you can check the tables available. Our tables will show you exactly where your teams sit in the rankings. Teams are ranked by points according to the performance of each match; goals scored, a win, loss, or draw. The form that the teams have used in gameplay will also be shown on the table.

If you are interested in sports betting you will find these guides helpful:

These guides will help you understand the basics of soccer betting and get you started with the best sites recommended by us.

The Premier League

Every fan from any corner of the globe will have heard of it. This competition is the highest level of the English soccer system. The contest starts with 20 clubs and operates on a network of advancement and relegation with the English Football League. 

Read up on some of our PL guides:

The soccer season starts in August and continues until May. During this time, each team will play 38 matches. This means each team will play all 19 other teams for home and away events. The games are generally scheduled for weekend afternoons (Saturdays and Sundays). 


Who Has Won the Most PL Titles?

The Premier League, also known as the is one of the most significant football leagues in the world. The team that has dominated all others in this all English league is Manchester United. The red devils have won the most titles than any other, with a whopping 13 titles to the team’s name.

Manchester United has won it three consecutive times, twice. The team claimed the titles each year for 1998-99, 1999-2000, and the 2000-01 seasons.

Which Player Has Made the Most Premier League Appearances?

There are 13 players who have accumulated 500 or more appearances during their careers. Although Manchester United is the team with the most titles, it isn’t one of this team’s players with the most appearances.

As it stands, Gareth Barry is the footballer with the most appearances. He has clocked in over 650 appearances for his soccer career. He was playing for clubs like Manchester City, Aston Villa, Everton, and West Bromwich Albion.

Who Is the Oldest English Football Team?

Stoke City claims to be the oldest club in the world, as well as in the UK. The club has been around since 1863 and was originally known as the Stoke Ramblers. Evidence for Stoke City as the oldest English club is found in ‘The Book of Football’ naming four founder players.

There have been some disputes over the exact year the club was formed. As the first mention of Stoke in newspapers was seen around 1868. The reports spoke of the club only having formed that season, but this much is up to interpretation.

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