What Can You Bet on in Football

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Football betting exposes you to a variety of wagers that you can place regardless of the game, team, or tournament. You will come across a wide range of bookies with different odds, but they will all have one thing in common which is the types of bets.

No more questions of what can you bet on in football when you’re here because you’re going to get spoiled for choice. What you should be asking is how to make a profit from different kinds of bets. You’re already here – stay tuned to find out different types of wagers you can place in football.

Football bet – Total Goals

Total goals are also known as under/over. Wagering on this takes a two option type of whether there will be more or less number of goals for a specified category. It applies to:

  • number of goals
  • number of corners
  • number of cards
  • number of fouls

It simply means wagering on whether a certain stat will result in an under or over figure. For instance, you’ll wager on whether the goals will be more of less than 2.5 goals. This only has two possible outcomes making it an easy one.

Football bet – Accumulator

This type of bet tries to predict the overall outcome of a football match. This is a single wager with a combination of different selections. You have to be careful with this bet because you’ll only get a payout if the final result is correct.

Accumulator bets have the potential of giving you a very impressive value, hence many players tend to go for it. However, the chances of winning this kind of wager are less because of the highly valued odds. Ensure you choose the best bookmaker for football accumulators for you to get the best odds.

Football bet – Correct Score

It is not easy to predict a correct score in football betting, but for the daring few, this is one of the most profitable wagers in football. This is a straightforward wager. You just need to point out the exact number of goals every team will score. It comes with several score lines with really high odds.

As an experienced bettor, you already know that high odds mean higher wins but the chances of getting your predictions right are very slim. It is good for those who understand their team’s habits well.

Double Chance

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A double chance is an amazing football bet with a slight variation from Win/Draw/Win. With a double chance, you can combine two outcomes in a single wager instead of just one.

You can cover a team to either win or loss and with these, you only lose if the team draws. This happens when you believe in a long shot but you’re not so confident about it. You will still get paid even if your long shot doesn’t come true.

However, this might not be too valuable because the odds are not quite impressive.

Both Teams to Score

This is another impressive bet which is very helpful when two strong teams are playing against each other. You believe that both of them will come up with a score even if one loses against the other. With this type, you will get your money when the teams finish draw, or one wins.

However, you lose if the match ends without a score or only one team manages to score and the other one goes home with a zero. You can also do the opposite of this and place it on neither of the teams getting a score.

Football bet – Handicap

Handicap is a good way for punters to get better value from bookmakers odd prices. Handicaps are of two types including the normal handicap and Asian handicap. The handicap means giving a team handicap and removing a draw from the outcome.

For instance, if Manchester City appears stronger than Chelsea, you can give it a -1 handicap to beat the opponent. This means your pick must win by 2 or more goals for you to win. You’ll only win if your wager wins and lose if it’s a draw or the other team wins.

Asian handicap is another valuable bet you can count on for good profits in football betting. They are not so different from the normal handicap. You place it on the stronger team to win over the other with a specified margin, just like the handicap.

In Asian handicap, you will only lose your money if the opponent team wins. If it results in a draw, you will get your stake back. This means betting on Asian handicap is not as risky after all. The booking margins here are always lower than other full-time bets, meaning you have good values.


How do I bet on football?

The easiest way to do it is to find a betting site, register, deposit money, and start betting.

Can you bet if you work in football?

If you work for the club or are a player of a club you are not allowed to wager on your games.

Where can I bet on football?

There are many different betting sites online today like Betfair and BetVictor.