The Premier League Primary Stars

kids playing football

Many children have been inspired to learn, develop new skills, and be active through the Premier League Primary Stars. This initiative uses the appeal of professional football clubs to build on the awesome work that they have offered schools.

Free digital resources ranging from Mathematics, English, teamwork, and sport are available to all primary schools in England and Wales. There are also competitions on offer such as football tournaments and reading challenges. Teachers are also supported by helping them improve their confidence in delivering Physical Education (PE).

Values of the Premier League Primary Stars

Children are encouraged to be ambitious, fair, and connected just like the values which lie in the professionals. Simple and unique techniques are used that combine learning and the love for football to encourage kids to improve their studies.

Sometimes children struggle to feel and get inspired in their school environment. And so, it is vital for schools to find ways to motivate their students both mentally and physically.

By improving on their behavior they will instantly deliver good results. Schools that have started using this initiative have found that that there is a considerable turnaround when it comes to their students.

What Premier League Primary Stars has to offer

Children with a love for football can enhance their skills and change their behavioural patterns. The members of the initiative work alongside the teachers to improve on their classroom elements as well as their physical education.

The pupils become diligent and focused when they know they have an incentive. They develop the courage to challenge themselves. The initiative is designed for both boys and girls in Year 1 up to Year 6 in primary schools. Age-appropriate materials are incorporated into the school curriculum. Some of the topics covered are resilience, inclusion, and self-esteem.

Commitment by Premier League Primary Stars

manchester unites stadium

Commitment to helping grow and train staff within the communities is provided. Teachers are trained to deliver sessions that encourage pupils and teachers in an array of subjects. Staff from the different foundations under the several football teams such as Liverpool FC and Manchester United are placed in schools to provide sessions on active resilience and literacy.

Teachers can also sign up for free on the main website to access resources endorsed by the National Literacy Trust and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) Association. Kids are taught to never give up and to try their utmost best in life.

Resources and Curriculum

The initiative has a wide collection of curriculum-linked resources that are free. Parents can educate and entertain their children at home and teachers can find material to be used at the schools they teach in. Parents and teachers alike can find various ways and ideas to help their children stay active.

There are some fun games, videos and worksheets. Subjects range from:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Health
  • Wellbeing

These can all be found on their website. Pupils are also able to register on the platform so that they can receive their resources easily.

Outcomes and impacts

During this program, children are given the necessary skills to reach their goals and to make use of the tools available to them. The resources are engaging and can be downloaded with ease; they are readily available. There are also exciting competitions and rewards which stimulate all the children.

The children under this program have said they have improved on their behavior and instantly feel special to be linked to the Premier League. Their enthusiasm is sparked once they know that they are associated with such a huge football association. Teachers have seen improvements in key life skills and values in their students.

How to get involved

Parents can nominate schools that their children attend and teachers can register on the platform easily. By partaking in this initiative, primary school children will be inspired and involved in everything that will enhance the productivity of their schoolwork.

Learning is connected to a sport that most love, and so students are enthused when tackling their daily school activities. Competitions range from football tournaments to creative writing and reading challenges for students who are reluctant to read. Registration is free, quick, and easy. The steps are simple – teachers, pupils, or family members can sign up.


Premier League values are instilled in this initiative and encourage students to be ambitious, inspired, connected, and fair. The easy to use materials which are linked to the national curriculum are aimed to support teachers and students.

The registered schools will have the chance to apply for a free kit that comes with equipment and books from well-known authors. Parents and carers are offered fun activity ideas for their whole family and have the opportunity to encourage their children’s schools to get involved. Seeing the children excited and encouraged is a huge reward.


What is The Premier League Primary Stars?

It’s an initiative made by the Premier League to engage football clubs to inspire children to learn, be active, and learn important life skills.