Next Premier League Manager To Be Sacked

We are now approaching the end business of Premier League’s 2019/2020 season. While Liverpool is about to be crowned the champions of the season, a lot more is expected.

It is clear that teams are going to up their games to enhance their potentials of recording better performances next season. This means we should expect the reshuffling of top managers and other officials. Read on and find out the next Premier League manager to be sacked.

Will Aston Villa Sack Smith?

Between now and the end of the season, Aston Villa’s Smith appears to be the most vulnerable manager. This should not come as a surprise, especially after the manager witnessed his team being beaten 4-0 by Leicester City.

Out of their total Premier League matches this season, Aston Villa has only managed to claim 25% wins. Betway, one of the most renowned bookmakers, predicts that of all the current managers, Smith has the highest chances of losing his position.

Will Any Manager By Sacked?

Nothing has happened yet; even the season is yet to be concluded. At the moment, we can only rely on speculations. Therefore, we are not concluding that Smith will be sacked for sure.

Recently, there has been a lot of money for him at Villa Park. Some sources still believe that no manager will leave and there is a lot of money to be made from such stakes. However, we are hoping for the best for Smith.

What About Jose Mourinho?

Currently, Jose Mourinho is at the helm of his seven-year contract at Tottenham Hotspur. But does this shield him from the wrath of his bosses when it comes to determining who to let go and who to keep?

Looking back at his performance, though the season is yet to end, the previous Man United and Chelsea boss has not managed to steer the team to the top four. His team has also been locked off the FA cup and the Champions League.

Mourinho’s Unclear Fate

Now, Mourinho has to face his nemesis without Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane. Also, for several weeks, critics have felt that his squad might not be solid enough to make his dreams come true at Tottenham.

He has been struggling due to the lack of excellent attacking options. All this puts his job at risk; after all, many other top-flight managers would love to have the position he seems to be struggling with. But there are better individuals to make conclusive statements.

Who Might Be the Next EPL Managers?

football team

Up to know, it might not be crystal clear who the next EPL managers will be. Though some current managers might leave at the end of the season, we have always seen them oscillating within the boundaries.

Unless some of them retire, it might not be possible to determine the ones who will get access to the EPL world.

Also, we have no information on any current manager hinting retirement; there is still a lot of money to be made.

Why Football Managers are Sacked

There are many reasons a football manager would be sacked. For instance, when they sign a contract, there are those agreements and promises they make. A good record is kept and their performances closely monitored. If they fail to fulfill their promises, they risk losing their jobs as managers.

However, they are always given time to adjust and get used to new teams. Therefore, at least 90% of football managers are sacked due to incompetence.


Smith and Mourinho are the current EPL managers who are on the verge of losing their positions. Though there might be a few more, they are the most vulnerable.

They have to prove that they can save their teams and jobs through improved performance. But they do not have enough time left to do that. Also, we cannot make conclusions that they will be sacked for sure if their performances do not improve before the season ends.


Who is the next Premier League manager sacked?

Scott Parker for Man Utd was recently replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in 2019.

Why do managers get sacked?

Clubs that are dependent on having good results will often swap their current manager if the results have been poor for a while. This is the main reason for replacing their coaches.

Does sacking a manager improve results?

In many cases yes. The new coach often brings a new story to the team with the potential of lifting the team where it needs to be lifted.