Introduction to betting on Premier League

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In this guide, we will be highlighting the details of betting on the Premier League, earning profits, and managing your bankroll. It is one of the most noticeable and competitive football leagues in the world.

Usually, over 4 billion people tune in when the football matches are broadcasted on every weekend of the season. There is a constant increase in the number of people who participate in betting each season. Professional and new bettors face challenges. It is very important for them to be aware of the various ways they can gain positive results and win big bucks.

Formed in 1992, the teams began as 24 but later changed to 20. Each team in the Premier League plays each other twice in one season – at home and one time away. Each season starts from August to May and 38 games are played per season.

The team which collects the most points in all 38 games wins, then the teams which come second and third place qualify for the next season of the Champions League. The team that comes fourth receives a place in Leagues’ qualification round. Six teams have so far been crowned the Champions; with Manchester United having won 20 times.

Premier League betting odds

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It is important that each bettor understands the odds and the different betting platforms that are available to them. It is vital because their chances of winning and making lots of money will be increased.

There are outright bets, which are placed based on the whole outcome of the league or tournament itself, and the title winners. Additionally, there are betting markets where bets are placed on individual games. The individual games have many bet types; the most popular ones are:

  • Match Result
  • Asian Handicap
  • Goal Total Over/Under

Odds for title wins are offered by bookmakers; they place, calculate, and payout wins.

Bets can be placed before and throughout the season of the league. The odds differ with each bookmaker and so it is essential to research and find the best market available. The odds tend to fluctuate during a season as the performances and standings of all the teams need to progress in order to see winnings. The winnings also depend on the team players, their injuries, the coaches, managers, and so on.

How a team progresses in the league affects the odds that the bookmaker will offer. Outright betting is the most popular because it allows each bettor to trade in and out of the market throughout the season.

When creating an account, some odds are offered solely for new customers. It is important, however, for each person to read through the terms and conditions in order to learn about the special offers for new members. Newcomers are given clear guidelines on how to use our site so that they know how it functions from the onset.

Once an individual is signed up, a list of English Premier League matches is available, where the current odds can be viewed. Some odds can be seen a week earlier, just before kick-off. The general rule of thumb is that matches are available 72 hours before the start of a match.

  • Once a player selects their type of bet, the stake will be deducted from their wallet.
  • Market categories are always available for each player – goals, player markets, etc.

Free bet offers and bonuses

Typically free bets are offered to new members, however, they can also be added to winnings when a bet is won. Customers are given the opportunity to win free money with their free bets. On occasion, free bets can be found where a stake is included; these usually offer good rewards.

It is important to familiarise yourself with the terms so that you do not lose out on free bets. Risk-free bets are for new customers and what is required is to make an initial deposit and then place a wager. If you lose a bet, you are free to place another bet.

Matched bet bonuses

Another bonus variant is the matched bet bonus. Once you have made your first deposit and placed your first bet, you are given a free bet of up to the same amount. It is similar to the risk-free bet but here if the first bet wins, you will still gain the free bet. Bettors have to roll over their bonus amount a couple of times, in order to enable withdrawal of winnings.

The bookmaker pays only the winnings earned from the bet as opposed to the return of the stake alongside the payout. Matched bonuses are mostly exclusive and are not easy to locate.

Betting on the Premier League on-the-go

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Bettors can now have the freedom of betting anywhere they please; be it from the comfort of their own home or whilst taking a walk in the neighbourhood. With many apps having been created, those with iOS or Android-based smartphones can have access to a stripped-down version of the betting websites.

Desktop users also have full use of the browser version. There are special offers exclusive to app users. Once a customer signs up from the app and not their browser; they are eligible for unique and specific rewards tailored to them. Make sure to sign-up to the version that you are most comfortable with.

Unique premier league betting tips

There are several things a bettor can do to increase and improve on their chances of gaining wins. Bets can be placed only where there is a high value, as well as sticking to and consistently betting using a staking method, and keeping records of past bets.

Additionally, seeing that it is one of the most difficult to beat, it is important to conduct a lot of research and analysis. Knowledge is power and so bettors should study thoroughly. Study league news, statistics, player suspensions, injuries, upcoming fixtures, and head-to-head records. Challenge yourself to consistently learn more.

Calculator and Analyser

There’s a unique tool called the Premier League matchup analyzer. By selecting the season and the two competing clubs, you’ll be able to match up and compare data that ranges across. Statistical categories can be found and there are a couple of free sites available to use online.

A calculator spreadsheet can be used to keep track of bets, odds, profits, and losses. It’s available to download for free and can be used to your benefit instantly. These tools can be used as part of a customer’s preliminary analysis. This means that bets should not only be placed solely on these guides but more research has to be conducted.


How do you bet in the Premier League?

You need a betting site that allows this kind a betting. Find one, create an account and start betting.

Who are Favourites for the Premier League?

At the moment Liverpool is the favorites at 1/14 followed by Manchester United at 1/12.

How do you bet on football effectively?

It’s very easy. Start by reasearching the teams. Find a good betting site, create an account and place your first bet.