Top 10 Fastest Premier League Goals

If you’re a soccer fan like us, you probably enjoy watching the English Premier League. It’s considered by many to be the most competitive league in the world. 

We’re not suggesting that the other top leagues like the MLS, Serie A, Bundesliga or La Liga aren’t entertaining, no. It’s just that this seems to be the only soccer league where fans don’t always expect the ‘bigger’ teams to win.

Now, as a fan, you’ve probably wondered who scored the fastest goal in the Premier League? Well, so have we. We’ve done some digging and found some interesting facts. 

We’ll not only list the quickest goals, but we’ll also look at who made the fastest hat-trick.

Who Scored the Fastest Goal in Premier League?

The fastest goal in history was made by none other than the Republic of Ireland and Southampton striker, Shane Long. He broke a record that stood for nineteen years when he scored against Watford after only 7.69 seconds!

Watford player Craig Cathcart attempted a long ball from the kickoff, which Long managed to block and intercept. Not only that, but he managed to get the ball under control, evade the defender, and then chipped the ball over the onrushing goalkeeper.

To make things worse for Watford fans, he made the goal at Vicarage Road Stadium. The home of Watford Football Club

We think that record will stand for a very very long time.

Ten Quickest Premier League Goals

Here’s a list of the ten quickest Premier League goals. 

  1. Shane Long. After 7.69 seconds for Southampton against Watford at Vicarage Road on 23 April 2019.
  2. Ledley King. A belter for Tottenham (obviously) against Bradford City after 9.82 seconds at Valley Parade on 9 December 2000
  3. Alan Shearer. This legend made a goal after 10.52 seconds for Newcastle at St. James’ Park against Manchester City on 18 January 2003.
  4. Christian Eriksen. Another Tottenham player, Eriksen scored after 10.54 seconds at Wembley against Manchester United on 31 January 2018.
  5. Mark Viduka. Not one of the league’s most recognizable names Viduka still managed a goal for Leeds after 11.90 seconds against Charlton at Elland Road on 17 March 2001.
  6. Dwight Yorke. Yorke made a goal for Aston Villa against Coventry after 12.16 seconds at Highfield Road on 30 September 1995.
  7. Chris Sutton. Sutton scored for Blackburn after 12.94 seconds on 1 April 1995.
  8. Kevin Nolan. Nolan scored against Blackburn for Bolton after only 13.48 seconds on 10 January 2004.
  9. James Beattie. Beattie netted a magnificent goal for Southampton against Chelsea after 13.52 seconds on 28 August 2004.
  10. Asmir Begovic. No, we’re not joking, there’s a goalie on this list. Begovic scored his memorable goal on 2 November 2013 after 13.64 seconds for Stoke against Southampton. At 91.9 meters, this goal is also the longest in history.

Three Fastest Premier League Hat Tricks

football stadium

One won’t usually expect hat-tricks to come at a fast pace. They’re rare enough as it is. 

  • Sadio Mané (Southampton) vs. Aston Villa – Two minutes fifty-six seconds.

The fastest Premier League hat trick in history took only 2 minutes and 56 seconds to complete. The mercurial Sadio Mané was responsible for this incredible feat. The Senegalese speed merchant played for Southampton at the time. Aston Villa fell victim to his incredible talents on 16 May 2015.

Mané’s first goal was a scrappy effort. It highlighted his incredible persistence as a player. He was almost stumbling through Aston Villa’s defense but still managed to finish successfully. 

For the second goal, Mané’s incredible speed was on display. He outran two defenders after the opposition goalie spilled the ball and finished the chance as cool as you like.

The third goal came in less than three minutes after the first! This strike was an excellent example of Sadio’s remarkable ability to shoot the ball. He put the ball into the top corner from 20 yards out with a venomous strike. Southampton ended that game with six goals against Aston Villa’s one.

  • Robbie Fowler (Liverpool) vs. Arsenal – Four minutes and 33 seconds

Robbie Fowler scored the second most hat-tricks of any player in Premier League history. Nine, to be exact. The quickest one was against Arsenal at Anfield. The prolific striker finished his hat-trick inside five minutes with his incredible left foot. Liverpool won the game 4 – 3. 

  • Jermain Defoe (Tottenham) vs. Wigan Athletic – Seven minutes

Jermain Defoe made a total of five goals in this incredible game. He completed his hat-trick in exactly seven minutes. Spurs finished the game with nine goals against Wigan’s one goal. 


What was the fastest goal ever scored in football?

Ricardo Olivera, an Uruguayan footballer scored after only 2.8 seconds back in 1998.

Who scored the fastest 100 Premier League goals?

Alan Shearer was the fastest to score 100 goals.

Who has the most Premier League goals in one season?

Three players has scored 31 goals in a season, Alan Sheared, Christiano Ronaldo, and Luis Suarez.